Current Teaching

  • Present 2019

    CPSC 317 Introduction .

    Computer networking, basic communication protocols, network infrastructure and routing. Common application-level protocols and principles associated with developing distributed applications

  • Present 2019

    CPSC 521 Parallel Algorithms and Architectures

    The main objective of the course is to provide you with the fundamental concepts in parallel computing. The basic goal of parallel computing is to use multiple devices to compute faster. As a result parallel computing cuts across almost all areas of computer science and requires an understanding of how it plays out at the architecture and system level as well as the languages and application level. The course will be divided into several topics, each discussing an important aspect of parallel computing. The course will give you solid foundation in how parallel computing may be used in the different research areas as well as current directions in parallel computing research.

    Monday-Wednesday (9:00AM -- 10:30), introductory class Sept 4, first regular class Sept 9

Current Administration

  • Present 2017

    Chair, Computer Science Graduate Admissions Committee

  • 2017 2015

    Associate Head of Graduate Affairs (Computer Science)