Recent Research Topics – Alla Sheffer


Note:  This list provides a rough idea of the general topics I am interested in and tendst to be outdated,  for a typically more up to date publication list check here.

•          Modeling with Developable Surfaces 

•          Mesh Reconstruction

•          Shape Analysis

•          Mesh Editing

•          Parameterization and its Applications

•          Non-Realistic Modeling

•          Older projects




Modeling with Developable Surfaces 


•          M. Kilian, S. Floery, Z. Chen, N. J. Mitra, A. Sheffer, H. Pottmann, Curved Folding, ACM Transaction on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2008), 27(3), 2008. to appear.

•          K. Rose, A. Sheffer, J. Wither, M.-P. Cani, B.Thibert , Developable Surfaces from Arbitrary Sketched Boundaries, Proc. Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP), 2007.

•          P. Decaudin, D. Julius, J. Wither, L. Boissieux, A.  Sheffer, M.-P. Cani, Virtual Garments: A Fully Geometric Approach for Clothing Design, Computer Graphics Forum (Proc Eurographics  2006), 25(3).

•         D Julius, V. Kraevoy, A. Sheffer, D-Charts: Quasi-Developable Mesh Segmentation, Computer Graphics Forum (Proc Eurographics 2005), 24(3), 981-990, 2005.


Mesh Reconstruction


•          A. Sharf, D. Alcantara, T. Lewiner, C. Greif, A. Sheffer, N. Amenta, D. Cohen-Or, Space-time Surface Reconstruction using Incompressible Flow,  ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH ASIA Conference Proceedings), 27(?), December 2008 (to appear).

•          D. Bradley, T. Popa, A. Sheffer, W. Heidrich, T. Boubekeur, Markerless Garment Capture, ACM Transaction on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2008), 27(3), 2008. to appear

•         V.Kraevoy, A. Sheffer, Template Based Mesh Completion, Proc. Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP), 2005.


Shape Analysis


•          H. Fu, D. Cohen-Or, G. Dror, A. Sheffer, Upright Orientation of Man-Made Objects, ACM Transaction on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2008), 27(3), 2008. to appear

•          R. Zhang, A. Sheffer, D. Cohen-Or, Q. Zhou, O. van Kaick, A. Tagliasacchi, Deformation-Driven Shape Correspondence, Computer Graphics Forum (Proc.  Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP) 2008), to appear.


Mesh Editing


•          V. Kraevoy, A. Sheffer, D. Cohen-Or, A. Shamir, Non-homogeneous Resizing of Complex Models, ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH ASIA Conference Proceedings), 27(?), December 2008 (to appear).

•          V. Kraevoy, D. Julius, A. Sheffer, Model Composition from Interchangeable Components, Proc. Pacific Graphics 2007.

•          T. Popa, D. Julius, A. Sheffer, Interactive and Linear Material Aware Deformations, International Journal of Shape Modeling, 13(1), 73 – 100, 2007.

•          V. Kraevoy, A. Sheffer, Mean-Value Geometry Encoding, International Journal of Shape Modeling,12(1), 2006.

•          D. Julius, T. Popa, A. Sheffer, Material Aware Mesh Deformation, Proc. IEEE Shape Modelling International (SMI), 2006.

•         A. Sheffer, V. Kraevoy, Pyramid Coordinates for Morphing and Deformation, Proc. Second International Symposium on 3DPVT (3D Data Processing, Visualization, and Transmission), 68-75, 2004.


Mesh Parameterization


•          A. Sheffer, K. Hormann, B. Levy, M. Desbrun, K. Zhou,  Mesh Parameterization: Theory and Practice, SIGGRAPH 2007, course notes. 2007.

•          A. Sheffer, E. Praun, K. Rose, Mesh Parameterization Methods and Their Applications, Now Publishers, 2006, ISBN  978-1-933019-43-7, (also Foundations and Trendsฎ in Computer Graphics and Vision, volume 2(2),2006)

•          N. Ray, W. C. Li, B. Levy, A. Sheffer, P. Alliez, Periodic Global Parameterization, ACM TOG, October, 2006.

•          A. Sheffer, B. Lévy, M. Mogilnitsky, A, Bogomyakov, ABF++: Fast and Robust Angle Based Flattening, ACM Transactions on Graphics, 24(2), 311-330 2005.

•          S.Saba, I. Yavneh, C. Gotsman, A. Sheffer, Practical Spherical Embedding of Manifold Triangle Meshes, Proc. Shape Modelling International (SMI), 2005. (code)

•          V. Kraevoy, A. Sheffer, Cross-Parameterization and Compatible Remeshing of 3D Models, ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2004), 23(3), 861 – 869, 2004

•          C. Gotsman, X. Gu, A. Sheffer, Fundamentals of Spherical Parameterization for 3D Meshes,  ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2003), 22(3), 358-363, 2003.

•         V. Kraevoy, A. Sheffer, C. Gotsman, Matchmaker: Constructing Constrained Texture Maps, ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2003), 22(3), 326-333, 2003.


Non-Realistic Modeling




•          R. Gal, O, Sorkine, T., Popa, A. Sheffer, D. Cohen-Or, 3D Collage: Expressive Non-Realistic Modeling, Proc. International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR), 2007.

•          R. Raab, C. Gotsman, A. Sheffer, Virtual Woodwork: Generating Bead Figures from 3D Models, International Journal on Shape Modeling, 10(1), 1-30, 2004.




The research topics I worked on in the past are divided into two lists:


PhD & Master (1993-1999)