Photo by Raymond Ng

my hobbies

One of my main hobbies is traveling. This year, the new places I went to include Dubai, Hangzhou, China and Bordeau, France. My most favourite country as a traveler is Italy, which I have visited more than 10 times. So far my regret is  that I have not been to Africa and South America; I wish to visit either one soon.

When I travel, I like to take photographs. Most of the photographs on my web pages were taken during my travels. Digital cameras make this hobby fun and cheap. This page contains some of the photos taken this year.

I have also been learning cello for several years. Even though I lack musical talents, I manage to make progress with hours of practice every week. Hopefully, I can one day form a trio with my son playing violin and my wife playing piano.

I run half-marathons. To prepare for them, I run 10K races. My favourite distance is 14K. I do not imagine running a full marathon one day because it is too brutal to the body and it takes too long to train for such an event.

Because of the running, I can continue another one of my hobbies - which is to try out new restaurants. Not only do I have a list of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver, I also keep lists for Toronto, New York, Boston, Paris and of course various cities in Italy. I do not mind my friends sending me emails asking for my suggestions.

Last updated: 28/12/2011