Photo by Raymond Ng

my hobbies

One of my main hobbies is traveling - for work as well as for fun. I have been to six continents. My two most favourite countries as a traveler are Spain and Italy.

When I travel, I like to take photographs. All the photographs on my web pages were taken during my travels. Digital cameras and cell phones make this hobby fun and cheap.

I have also been learning cello for 10 years. Even though I lack musical talents, I manage to make progress with hours of practice every week. Hopefully, I can one day form a trio with my son playing violin and my wife playing piano or violin.

I run half-marathons. To prepare for them, I run 10K races. My favourite distance is 14K. I do not imagine running a full marathon one day because it is too brutal to the body and it takes too long to train for such an event. I have also been practising yoga, and more recently pilates. Yoga is a perfect complement to running.

Because of the running, I can continue another one of my hobbies - which is to try out new restaurants. Not only do I have a list of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver, I also keep lists for Toronto, New York, Boston, Paris and of course various cities in Italy. I do not mind my friends sending me emails asking for my suggestions.

Last updated: 28/10/2018