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recent grants

Canadian Institutes of Health Research HEARTBIT: a Novel Multi-marker Blood Test for Management of Acute Cardiac Allograft Rejection 2018 - 2021 B. McManus, R. Ng et al.
Canada Foundation For Innovation MERIDIAN: Marine Environmental Research Infrastructure for Data Integration and Application Network 2018 - 2021 S. Matwin, R. Ng et al.
Terry Fox Research Institute Pan-Canadian Early Detection of Lung Cancer 2018 - 2021 S. Lam, R. Ng et al.
NSERC (Discovery) Managing and Modeling Time in Genomics Data 2014 - 2019 R. Ng
Genome Canada Clinical Implementation and Outcomes Evaluation of Blood-based Biomarkers for COPD Management 2013 - 2018 R. Ng, D. Sin et al.
Genome British Columbia Clinical Implementation of Diagnostic Biomarker Assays in Heart and Kidney Transplantation 2012 - 2014 B. McManus, R. Ng et al.
MITACS System Biology for Organ Transplantation 2010 - 2012 R. Ng
NCE (Commercialization) Prevention of Organ Failures 2008 - 2013 B.McManus et al.
NSERC Strategic Network Business Intelligence Network 2009 - 2014 R. Miller et al.
NSERC (Discovery) A Data Mining Framework for Genomics Biomarker and Signature Identification 2009 - 2014 R. Ng
NSERC (Strategic Grant) New Generation Tools for the Assessment of Nano-Material Effects on Amphibian Wildlife 2009 - 2012 C. Helbing et al.
NSERC (Discovery) Robust Mining of Biomedical Data 2004 - 2009 R. Ng
Google Summarization of Evaluative Text and Emails 2007 - 2008 G. Carenini and R. Ng
Genome Canada Biomarkers in Transplantation 2004 - 2008 B. McManus et al.
Genome Canada Application of Pharmacogenomics for Rational Chemotherapy of Lung Cancer 2004 - 2008 V. Ling et al.
Genome Canada Development and Validation of CGH Arrays for Clinical Use of Cancer 2004 - 2008 W. Lam et al.
NCE IRIS Aquisition, Querying and Prediction of Motion Trajectories 2002 - 2005 R. Ng et al.
NCE IRIS New Frontiers in Data Mining 2002 - 2005 L. Lakshmanan et al.
NCE IRIS Intelligent Computational Methods for the Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles 2002 - 2005 I. Jurisica et al.
MITACS Towards Interactive Data Mining 2002 - 2004 R. Ng et al.


Last updated: 28/10/2018