Please read the standard note on plagiarism.

Here is part 1 of the assigned questions for the course: assignment1.pdf. The rest, in part 2, will appear soon.

The assigned questions are due at the end of exams, Decemember 22, but can be handed in (in any order, in parts or in full) at any time. (Note the extension!)

The assigned questions are worth 40% of your final mark; a final exam will be worth the remaining 60%.


Here are some example questions (and some solutions) from previous years. The exam this year will of course only touch on topics we have covered in class. Don't get too scared!! These questions are meant to be difficult enough that most people won't fully get them, and the marking will be very generous: I'm just looking to see that you have learned enough about a variety of problems and algorithms that you can use these to talk sensibly about tackling a new problem. Lots of part marks were awarded to students who demonstrated knowledge even if they didn't get close to fully solving the question.

The final exam this year will be a similar format, and also be a 3 hour affair. However, it will be take-home: you will be allowed to select the 3 hours you want in a large window of dates.

Here is the exam: final_2009.pdf. Do not look beyond the first page until you are ready to actually start the 3 hour writing period!