Lecture Schedule

Lectures are Mondays and Wednesdays, 11-12:30pm in Dempster (DMP) 201.

As they become available there will be links to the notes or slides.

Please note that the "print" script on the CS machines may strip out math fonts from the PDF, so you may want to use "pdf2ps" to manually convert to postscript before printing if direct from PDF doesn't work.

Date Topic Work
September 9 Introduction, floating-point, well-posed problems
September 14 Scattered data interpolation, RBF's
September 16 More RBF's
September 21 Solving linear systems, LU
September 23 More LU
September 28 More LU
September 30 Pivoting in LU
October 5 Least Squares, Normal Equations
October 7 Cholesky, QR
October 12 Thanksgiving: UBC closed
October 14 QR, Weighted Least Squares
October 19 Moving Least Squares
October 21 PCA and SVD
October 26 SVD, eigenproblems
October 28 Solving symmetric eigenproblems
November 2 Rayleigh-Ritz
November 4 Unconstrained optimization, Steepest Descent
November 9 Newton
November 11 Remembrance Day: UBC closed
November 16
November 18
November 23
November 25
November 30
December 2