CPSC 542g Scientific Computing
(Graduate Breadth)

September-December 2009, Monday/Wednesday 11-12:30 in Dempster (DMP) 201.

Instructor: Robert Bridson

Prerequisites: basic (3rd year) undergraduate scientific computing or willingness to pick up some basics on your own, advanced calculus and linear algebra.

This course is designed to fulfill the graduate breadth requirement in the topic of scientific computing. The goal is to prepare you either for using scientific computing in your own area (e.g. graphics, machine learning, vision, data mining, etc.) or to go on to more depth in particular topics in scientific computing.


Read this policy.

If you have flu symptoms, do not come to class or campus in general. Do not return to UBC until you have had no fever for at least 24 hours without medication.

Instead of coming to class, use the web-form at: https://www.cs.ubc.ca/local/facilities/h1n1.jsp to inform the department and me that you're sick.

When you're well again, check in with me to see what you missed.

Contacting Me

You can always email me at rbridson@cs.ubc.ca, or phone my office 604-822-1993 (email much preferred). My office is X663; either drop by or email me to set up an appointment to be sure of seeing me.

I'm happy to help out with stuff, and also appreciate feedback on the course---if the pace is right, if you want to see some particular topic covered, etc.

Discussion Group

I have created an online Google group for the course: cs542g. Sign up if you want to have a place for online discussion of the course.

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