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Current Team

Bikram Adhikari, M.Sc.

Pooyan Fazli, Postdoctoral Fellow

Past Postdoctoral Fellows

Pooja Viswanathan, July 2012 - December 2012.

Sanja Rogic, October 2006 - May 2007 (Joint with H. Hoos and F. Ouellette).

Robert Sim, September 2004 - July 2006 (Joint with J. J. Little, D. G. Lowe).

Jane Mulligan, September 1996 - March 1997.

Ying Zhang, October 1994 - March 1995.

Liao Xinhua, June 1989 - October 1989.

Gregory M. Provan, January 1988 - August 1990.

Farzin Mokhtarian, September 1990 - September 1991; September 1993 - October 1994.

Keiji Kanazawa, September 1991 - September 1993. (Joint with D. L. Poole.)

Ph.D. Alumni

Pooyan Fazli, "On Multi-Robot Area and Boundary Coverage", 2013.

Pooja Viswanathan, "Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Help (NOAH) for elderly Wheelchair Users with Cognitive Impairment in Long-term Care", 2012.

Sanja Rogic, "The Role of premRNA Structure in Gene Splicing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae”, Ph.D., 2006, (Co-supervised with H. Hoos and F. Ouellette).

Robert Jr. St-Aubin, “Probabilistic Constraint Nets: A Formal Framework for the Modeling and Verification of Probabilistic Hybrid Systems”, 2005.

Jane Mulligan, "Empirical evaluation of information for robotic manipulations tasks", 1996 (co-supervised with P. Lawrence).

Ying Zhang, "A Foundation for the Design and Analysis of Robotic Systems and Behaviours", 1994.

Alex Kean, "A Formal Characterization of A Domain Independent Abductive Reasoning System", 1992.

Farzin Mokhtarian, "A Theory of Multi-Scale, Curvature and Torsion Based Shape Representation for Planar and Space Curves", 1990.

Jan Mulder, "Using Discrimination Graphs to Represent Visual Knowledge", 1985.

Jay Glicksman, "A Cooperative Scheme for Image Understanding Using Multiple Sources of Information", 1982.

Roger Browse, “Knowledge-based Visual Interpretation Using Declarative Schemata", 1982.

William S. Havens, "A Procedural Model of Recognition for Machine Perception", 1978.

M.Sc. Alumni

Koosha Khalvati, "The Pairwise Heuristic: A Method for Treating Uncertainty in Planning and Robot Localization", 2012.

Hai-Feng (James) Kao, "Optimal Planning with Approximate Model-based Reinforcement Learning", 2011.

Jen Fernquist, "A Collaborative Planning Support System for a Multi-Touch Tabletop: the Effect of Number of Touch Inputs on Collaboration and Output Quality", 2010 (Joint with Kellogg Booth).

Bruno da Silva, "Combining Spatial Hints with Policy reuse In a Reinforcement Learning Agent", 2010

Suling Yang, "The Design and Implementation of a Scheduler and Route Planner for Wheelchair Users", 2006

Le (Leif) Chang, "Generalized Constraint-Based Inference", 2005.

Pinar Muyan-Ozcelik, "Prioritized Constraints in the Design of a Situated Robot", 2004.

Jefferson Montgomery, "Situated Observation and Participation in Multiple-Agent Systems", 2003 (Co-supervised with J. Little).

Fengguang Song, "CNJ: A Visual Programming Environment", 2002.

Yu Zhang, "A Constraint-based Approach to Real-Time Cooperative Multi-agent Systems: A Soccer-playing Robot Team", 1998.

Vladimir Tucakov, "Interpreting Severe Occlusions in Region-based Stereo Vision", 1997.

Michael Sahota, "Real-time Intelligent Behaviour in Dynamic Environments: Soccer-playing Robots", 1993.

Ying Zhang, "A Behavioral Approach to Open Robot System: Design and Programming", 1989

Roger Browse, “Knowledge-based Visual Interpretation Using Declarative Schemata", 1982.

Jane I. Mulligan, "A Computational Vision System for Joint Angle Sensing", (Joint with P.D. Lawrence, EE), 1988.

Earl Fogel, "Teaching Prolog Using Intelligent Computer-Assisted Instruction and a Graphical Trace", 1988.

Marc Romanycia, "The Design and Control of Visual Routines for the Computation of Simple Geometric Properties and Relations", 1987

Gladys Wong, "Depiction and Domains in Visual Knowledge Representation", 1986.

Marc Romanycia, "The Design and Control of Visual Routines for the Computation of Simple Geometric Properties and Relations", 1987

Itzhak Katz, "Coaxial Stereo and Scale-Based Matching", 1985.

Farzin Mokhtarian, "Scale-based Description and Recognition of Planar Curves", 1984.

Colin Archibald, "Using Range Data for Object Recognition in a Robotics Environment", 1984.

Johannes A.G.M. Koomen, "The Interlisp Virtual Machine: A study of its design and implementation as Multilisp", 1980.

Heinz Breu, "Slant from Texture: Computational Methods for Recovering Surface Slant from Images of Textured Scenes", 1980.

Gary Fine, "Design of an intelligent LISP CAI tutor", 1979.

Kimberly A. Pollack, "LOGO: An Approach to Computer-based Learning", 1979.

Jerry Barenholtz, "Towards a New Animation Technology", 1978 (Joint with Dr. B.W. Pollack).

Ezio Catanzariti, "Using image hierarchies to interpret Landsat data", 1977

Dale W. Starr, "Automatic Interpretation of Landsat Images Using Contextsensitive Region Merging", 1976.

Mark S. Dionne, "ANTICS - A System for Animating LISP Programs", 1975.


Academic Visitors

Ezio Catanzariti (University of Naples), November 1985 - June 1986, May 1990 - April 1991.

Tadahiro Kitahashi (Osaka University), September 1994.

Fahiem Bacchus (University of Toronto), September 2009 - August 2010.






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