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The interesting blob descriptions on the right above were computed using the Maximally Stable Colour Regions descriptors of Per-Erik Forssen. See MSCR for more information.

Email: little AT cs.ubc.ca
Phone: +1 (604) 822-4830
Fax: +1 (604) 822-5485
URL: http://www.cs.ubc.ca/spider/little/index.html
Department of Computer Science
University of British Columbia
ICCS 117
2366 Main Mall
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z4
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I am a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia .
I am a member of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Decision making and Action.

I am a member of the Laboratory for Computational Intelligence (LCI).

I am a member of the Institute for Computing, Information, and Cognitive Systems.


Before proposing a meeting time, please check the busy slots on my free-busy calendar. If my whole day is busy, a box will appear under the date, above the hourly section.


Here is a brief sketch of my research program.

My research publications can be found under papers.

If you'd like to join our research group as a graduate student, please see: CS prospective graduate student information where you'll also find information about funding and great scholarship opportunities.

It is very unlikely I will be taking any students in robotics.

I do not reply in person to letters of interest in graduate admissions.

Current Students



Former Students



Former Visiting Students


I was Project Leader of IRIS project Robot Partners: Collaborative Perceptual Robotic Systems.

Our weekly reading group on vision and robotics is: Robuddies

Our weekly reading group on computer vision: CVRG

Jose, our mobile robot, won a robotics competition: Jose's page.
Every year, we talk about robotics in Science 101.
In 2017, John Roberts, one of the Science 101 students, wrote this wonderful poem about Jose, the robot waiter: Jose's poem.

Tracking and Understanding Human Motion

I was a member of IRIS project Tools for Visual Information Management in Geographical and Biomedical Applications. Its continuation, starting in April, 2002, was "Acquisition, Querying and Prediction of Motion Trajectories", where we specialized in extracting motion trajectories from sports videos (hockey) and building database systems that permit detection of outlier, i.e., unusual spatiotemporal patterns.


I was a member of GEOIDE since 1999. The first project I was in was Extraction of Features from Remote-Sensed Imagery for a Search and Rescue Synthetic Vision Database.


NOTE: Because I have taken on more administrative responsibilities, we will not be able to offer CPSC 505 this year (2018-2019). For those graduate students looking for a comprehensive introduction to vision I suggest that you take CPSC 425 in term 1. It will be good preparation for graduate vision/graphics courses in term 2.
2019 Jan Computer Vision CPSC 425 Term 1 425 home page (in progress) . Office hours: TBD.

Other Stuff

I'm a co-author, with Vincent Manis, of the textbook The Schematics of Computation, published by Prentice-Hall, 1995, ISBN 0-13-834284-9. Prentice-Hall:The Schematics of Computation

Why I dislike Apple

Contact Information

Department of Computer Science
University of British Columbia
ICCS 117
2366 Main Mall
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4

How to find me.

  • Email: little AT cs.ubc.ca
  • URL: http://www.cs.ubc.ca/spider/little
  • Phone: (604) 822-4830
  • Fax: (604) 822-5485
    Secretary: Kath Imhiran (604) 822-6281 kimhiran AT cs.ubc.ca

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