CSGSA Officers and Representatives 2018–2019


President: Jan Pilzer

VP Finance/Administration: Anna Scholtz

VP Social: Hayley Guillou, Siddhesh Khandelwal

Departmental Committee Representatives



Faculty Recruiting: Giovanni Viviani

Instructor Recruiting: Taslim A. Khan

FoWCS: Polina Zablotskaya, Puneet Mehrotra

Graduate Affairs: Jan Pilzer, Yasha Pushak, Giovanni Viviani

Outreach, Diversity and Equality: Taslim A. Khan, Puneet Mehrotra

Program Experience:

Reading Room:

Space and Safety: Clement Fung

Strategic Planning: Clement Fung

Student Development:

Teaching and Learning Support:


Other Representatives and Officers

GSS Councillors: Paul Bucci

Graduate Student Wellbeing Network Representative: Paul Bucci

TA Union Representative: Paul Bucci

Department Meeting Representative:

Graduate Mentoring Program Coordinators (Tri-Mentoring): Nico Ritschel

Orientation Committee:

Coffee House Organizers: Nico Ritschel, Michael Oppermann

Graduate Seminar Organizers: Clement Fung

UDLS Committee: Nico Ritschel

Tea Czar: Puneet Mehrotra

Beer Czar: Giovanni Viviani

Sports Representatives: Ben Ling

Post-Doc Liaison: