CSGSA Officers and Representatives 2021-2022


President: Paulette Koronkevich
VP Finance: Baraa Orabi
VP Social: Adam Geller, Rubia Guerra

Departmental Committee Representatives

Faculty Recruiting (Research): Victor S. Portella, Felipe Bañados Schwerter
Faculty Recruiting (Educational Leadership): Kattie Sepehri

Graduate Affairs: Adam Geller, Chris Chen, Nico Ritschel
Outreach, Diversity, and Equity: Paul Bucci, Greg d’Eon, Kattie Sepehri, Preeti Vyas
Reading Room: vacant
Space and Safety: Nico Ritschel
Computing Support: A. Finn Hackett
Program Experience: Victor S. Portella
Colloquium: vacant
Communications: vacant
Classroom Operations: vacant
Student Development: Kattie Sepehri, Rubia Guerra, A. Finn Hackett, and Unma Desai
Teaching and Peer Evaluation: vacant

Other Representatives and Officers

Graduate Student Wellbeing Network Representative: Paul Bucci
Department Meeting Representatives: Felipe Bañados Schwerter, Baraa Orabi
UDLS Czars: James Yoo and Narun Raman
Tea Czar: Preeti Vyas
Sports Representativesvacant
GSS Councillor: vacant
TA Union Representatives
: Adam Geller