CPSC 503 - Winter 2020-21 T1 - Computational Linguistics

Final Projects: Past Samples and More Ideas

some 2019-20 projects (presentations) for reference


some 2016 projects (presentations) for reference


some 2014 projects (presentations) for reference

some 2012 projects (presentations) for reference

some 2010 projects for reference

some 2009 projects for reference

some 2008 projects for reference

some 2007 projects for reference

More Ideas for possible Topics for Research  (look also at these Synthesis Lectures in Natural Language Processing webpage)

  • Multidocument summarization of human conversations e.g email threads, blogs  (there is an ongoing project here at UBC )
  • Evaluation Techniques for multidocument summarization
  • Multidocument summarization of evaluative text. For instance, summarizing a large set of customer reviews
  • Information extraction from evaluative text. For instance, again customer reviews (you could focus on extracting the rhetorical structure)
  • Topic modeling (identifying what topics are covered in a given document)
  • Machine Learning for Natural language Generation
  • Text reconstruction: reconstructing a text from unordered (or partially ordered) pieces of it
  • If you are fond of stats and machine learning. Pick a topic we have not covered in class from (for instance from Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing by Christopher D. Manning, Hinrich Schutze.  reading room) read about it, search for recent paper(s) about an aspect of the problem that intrigues you and start from there...
  • Project on languages other than English (caveat: you may not find corpora / software)
  • Evaluating/Extending tools to teach NLP (ACL workshop in 2002 and one or two follow ups)
  • NLP in teaching Natural Language 
  • Dependency Parsing
  • Machine Reading (large scale web knowledge extraction)
  • .....
  • Ideas for possible Topics for Pedagogical Project

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