Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia

Haley Foladare

Karin Yamakawa

Sara Niasati

Berger Pan

Berger recently completed his Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Systems (Cognition and the Brain) at UBC. He’s interested in product design and UX/UI design. At SPIN, he is currently working on an emotional modelling project with Laura Cang and Rubia Guerra.

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Bereket Guta

Bereket is an Engineering Physics student at UBC completing his last year of studies. He is interested in research that lies at the intersection of machine learning and robotics with applications to assistive technology. At SPIN, he is working as a part of the emotional modelling group under the supervision of Laura Cang and Rubia Guerra.

Chuxuan Zhang

Bridget Meyboom

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