Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia

Rocco Ruan

Rocco completed a Bachelor's of Applied Science in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto, majoring in robotics engineering. Previously, he worked at MDA, where he was a software developer for Canadarm's Dextre-Operated Camera. He's now interested in studying human-robot interaction and its applications in supporting adolescents in their development. 

Tommy Nguyễn

Elizabeth Reid

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Bereket Guta

Bereket is an Engineering Physics student at UBC completing his last year of studies. He is interested in research that lies at the intersection of machine learning and robotics with applications to assistive technology. At SPIN, he is working as a part of the emotional modelling group under the supervision of Laura Cang and Rubia Guerra.

Kattie Sepehri

I am a Master's student in the Computer Science department. I started the DFP program in September 2020. Previously, I obtained a BSc in Biology (genetics focus) from UBC. I enjoyed studying biology and worked in a lab that studied Arabidopsis (plant genetics). However, after more exploration of my interests, I pursued a BSc in Computer Science from SFU. During my time at SFU, I got introduced to research in neuroscience and had the opportunity to apply my technical skills in a meaningful way. As I was involved with designing and developing software for various users, I realized the benefits of leverging the power of machines in health technologies. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, exploring new places and watching documentaries about random topics (mostly nature). One of my accomplishments is co-founding UniLink in 2013, which is a non-profit with the goal of introducing various research fields and university degrees to high school students.



Isran, R., Sepehri, K., Thivendran, K., & Anwar, A. (2021). Towards More Effective Data Visualization Methods Using Haptics. IEEE World Haptics. Montreal.

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Rubia Guerra

Unma Desai

Unma is a Master's student in the Department of Computer Science. She has worked in the field of HCI in healthcare, and is interested in the role haptics can play in providing enhanced and accessible healthcare. 

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Hanieh Shakeri

Hanieh's research interests include Human-Computer Interaction - specifically Haptics and Multimodal Interaction - as well as Computer Vision. She holds a BSc. in Interactive Arts and Technology from Simon Fraser University with a minor in Computer Science.

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Kevin Chow

Kevin is an undergraduate student in the Department of Computer Science at UBC. He joined the SPIN lab as a volunteer to learn more about and participate in Human-Computer Interaction research. He is currently helping in the development of various applications and interactions based around the Gelly sensor. 

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