Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia

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Vincent Levesque, Karon E MacLean, Oliver Schneider, Jeremy R. Cooperstock, Pourang Irana, Pascal Fortin, Antoine Weill-Duflos "Exploring Haptic and Multimodal UX Design Through Distributed CanHap501 Projects" Demo at Worldhaptics, 2023
CanHap 501 is a cross-Canada, graduate-level mul- tidisciplinary course which introduces students to haptic and multimodal experience design. Teams collaborate across timezones and disciplinary cultures, mentored by seven instructors at six campuses and one company, each student working with an identical force-feedback display, a low-cost but performant 2D Haply 2diy pantograph. [2] This demo curates a set of team projects notable for their varied and inventive sensory integrations and unusual ways of incorporating haptic feedback or learning from it.
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