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Enriquez, M., MacLean, K. E. (2005). "Common Onset Masking of Vibrotactile Stimuli" (Poster), in Proceedings of World Haptics Conference, IEEE-VR2005, Pisa, Italy, March 2005.
Two different forms of vibrotactile masking were explored: • Backwards (BW) • Common Onset (CO) We used a two-channel setup, presenting stimuli to the middle and ring finger of the participants’ right hand. 250-Hz sinusoidal stimuli were displayed in various combinations of duration (30 & 300 ms) and stimulus onset asynchrony (0 & 30 ms). Our results indicate the existence of a statistically significant masking effect for both forms of haptic masking explored, with a larger effect observed for common-onset. An analysis of levels of confidence in response (rated at 70%) shows no difference amongst two successful masking techniques
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