Human-Computer Interaction Research

Brief Overview of HCI & Visualization in Imager - Presentation to new Grad Students, Sept 2004

This is a compilation of some work that has been produced by members and affiliates of Imager.

Current Projects

Comparing Cursor Orientations for Mouse, Pointer, and Pen Interaction
(Barry Po, Brian Fisher, Kellogg Booth)
A Two Visual Systems Approach to Understanding Voice and Gestural Interaction
(Barry Po, Brian Fisher, Kellogg Booth)
Exploring Collaboration with Group Pointer Interaction
(F. Vogt, J. Wong, Barry Po, R. Argue, S. Fels, Kellogg Booth)
Comparing CAVE, Wall, and Desktop Displays for Navigation and Wayfinding in Complex 3D Models
(Colin Swindells, Barry Po, I. Hajshirmohammadi, B. Corrie, J. Dill, Brian Fisher, Kellogg Booth)
Mouse and Touchscreen Selection in the Upper and Lower Visual Fields
(Barry Po, Brian Fisher, Kellogg Booth)
Mental Rotation
(Colin Swindells, Barry Po, Kellogg Booth)

Learning and Identifying Haptic Icons under Workload
(Andrew Chan, Karon Maclean, Joanna McGrenere)
Haptic Turntaking
(Andrew Chan, Karon MacLean)
Haptic Guides
(Ben Forsyth, Karon MacLean)
Haptics Icons
(Mario Enriquez, Karon MacLean)

A Visual Recipe Book for Persons with Language Impairments
(Kimberly Tee, Karyn Moffatt, Leah Findlater, Eve MacGergor, Joanna McGrenere, Barbara Purves, Sidney S. Fels)
A Comparison of Static, Adaptive, Adaptable Menu
(Leah Findlater, Joanna McGrenere)
Geometric Shape Detection with SoundView
(Kees van den Doel, D. Smilek, Adam Bodnar, C. Chita, Richard Corbett, Dmitry Nekrasovski, Joanna McGrenere)
AROMA: Ambient awaReness through Olfaction in a Messaging Application
(Adam Bodnar, Richard Corbett, Dmitry Nekrasovski)
ESI Planner
The participatory design of a sound and image enhanced daily planner for people with aphasia
(Karyn Moffatt, Joanna McGrenere, B. Purves, M. Klawe)

Obseuring length changes during animated motion
(Jason Harrison, Ron Rensink, Michiel van de Panne)
Perceptual Invariance of Nonlinear Focus+Context Transformations
(Keith Lau, Ron Rensink, Tamara Munzer)
Image Transformation
(Heidi Lam)

Older Projects

Older projects are available here.