*zilla 2017

SATzilla 2012 won the 2012 SAT Challenge

SATzilla 2012 uses the same techniques as SATzilla2011, but with new sets of training instances and candidate solvers.

SATzilla 2011 (solver evaluation tool)

New SATzilla 2011 uses cost sensitive DF as performance predictor and has better performance than SATzilla 2009.

We did it again: SATzilla2009 won five medals in the 2009 SAT Competition

For the first time, we won gold in all three major tracks of the SAT Competition. Improvements over SATzilla_07:

SATzilla-07 won five medals in the 2007 SAT Competition

SATzilla-07 for the 2007 SAT Competition

SATzilla-07 submitted to 2007 SAT Competition

  • SATzilla-FULL for all three categories (download)
  • SATzilla-RANDOM/HANDMADE for random and handmade categories (download)

Note: we did not submit a version of SATzilla-07 for industrial category in 2007.

SATzilla beyond 2007

  • Matlab code for building models for SATzilla+/SATzilla* (download)
  • SATzilla+ submitted to the 2008 SAT-RACE (download)
  • SATzilla2009 submitted to the 2009 SAT Competition (download)

More about SATzilla:

Our papers about SATzilla:

The instances used for training SATzilla:

Feature and runtime data for training SATzilla2009

Useful codes

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