CPSC 536H - Empirical Algorithmics (Spring 2008)

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Latest news (04/14): The deadline for handing in final project reports has been extended to Tue, 22 April, 23:59:59 PDT. (Max 10 pages + references + figures, in PDF format via e-mail.)

   Tue+Thu, 14:00-15:30 in
ICCS 238
   First class: Tue, 2006/01/08

   Holger H. Hoos
   E-mail: hoos "at" cs.ubc.ca
   Office: ICICS/CS complex, Room X541
   Office hour: Tue, 11:30-12:30

Course objectives:

Prerequisite knowledge: Algorithms, basic knowledge of statistics

Topics covered in this course include:

... and a selection of the following topics:

Preliminary course outline

Note: The course will consist of three components: (1) regular classes, (2) paper presentations (by participants) and discussions, and (3) a sizeable course project. Most of the advanced topics will be covered based on paper presentations and selected based on the interests of the participants. Course projects can be related to the student's research interests / thesis topic and are determined in consultation with the instructor.


(This list will be extended throughout the term.)

Lecture notes:

Slides (as used in class):

Other materials:

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