Machine Learning Reading Group (MLRG) Fall 2007

Tuesdays, 2-4pm, CS146
Date Speaker Papers Slides
Dec 1l
Everyone NIPS debriefing.
  • Francois:
    • Y. Teh, H. Daume III, D. Roy. "Bayesian Agglomerative Clustering with Coalescents"
    • D. Mochihashi, E. Sumita "The Infinite Markov Model"
    • M. Titsias, "The Infinite Gamma-Poisson Feature Model"
  • Kevin
    • "Probabilistic matrix factorization", Russ Salakhutdiov and Andriy Mnih
    • "Using Infer.NET to compare inference algorithms", John Winn (approx Bayes inf workshop)
  • Guillaume
    • "A Bayesian Model of Conditioned Perception", by Stocker and Simoncelli.
    • "The tradeoffs of large scale learning" by Léon Bottou
  • Hoyt
    • "Cluster Stability for Finite Samples"
    • "Bayesian Agglomerative Clustering with Coalescents"
  • Peter
    • "Efficient Principled Learning of Thin Junction Trees" by Anton Chechetka and Carlos Guestrin
    • "New Outer Bounds on the Marginal Polytope" by David Sontag and Tommi Jaakkola
  • Emt
    • "Loop Series and Bethe Variational Bounds in Attractive Graphical Models", E. Sudderth, M. Wainwright, A. Willsky:
    • "Bayesian Framework for Cross-Situational Word-Learning", Frank, Goodman, Tenenbaum
    • "Collapsed Variational Inference for HDP", Y. Teh, K. Kurihara, M. Welling
    • Emt's list of cool papers
Nov 27
Anthony Variational inference in graphical models: The view from the marginal polytope, Wainwright and Jordan, 2003. (Cancelled)
Nov 20
Francois On population-based simulation for static inference, Ajay Jasra et al, Statistics and Computing 2007 slides.pdf
Nov 13
Guillaume Divergence measures and message passing, Tom Minka, MSR TR 2005 slides.pdf,
Nov 6
Emtiyaz Building Blocks for Variational Bayesian Learning of Latent Variable Models , Tapani Raiko, Harri Valpola, Markus Harva, Juha Karhunen; JMLR, 8(Jan):155--201, 2007.
Oct 30
Emtiyaz Variational message passing, J Winn and C Bishop, JMLR 2005
Oct 23
Mark A Stochastic Grammar of Images S.C. Zhu and D. Mumford, Foundations and Trends in Computer Graphics and Vision, Vol.2, No.4, pp 259-362, 2006 slides.pdf
Oct 16
Oct 9
No meeting .
Oct 2
Francois Bayesian nonparametric latent feature models, Ghahramani, Z., Griffiths, T. L., & Sollich, P. (2007). Bayesian Statistics 8 slides.pdf, indianBuffet.m
Sep 25
Hendrik Hierarchical Dirichlet processes, Y. W. Teh, M. I. Jordan, M. J. Beal and D. M. Blei. JASA 101, 1566-1581, 2006
Sep 18
Emtiyaz The Infinite Gaussian Mixture Model, C Rasmussen, NIPS'00