Real-time Dynamic Wrinkling of Coarse Animated Cloth

SCA 2015


Dynamic folds and wrinkles are an important visual cue for creating believably dressed characters in virtual environments. Adding these fine details to real-time cloth visualization is challenging, as the low-quality cloth used for real-time applications often has no reference shape, an extremely low triangle count, and poor temporal and spatial coherence. We introduce a novel real-time method for adding dynamic, believable wrinkles to such coarse cloth animation. We trace spatially and temporally coherent wrinkle paths, overcoming the inaccuracies and noise in low-end cloth animation, by employing a two stage stretch tensor estimation process. We first employ a graph-cut segmentation technique to extract spatially and temporally reliable surface motion patterns, detecting consistent compressing, stable, and stretching patches. We then use the detected motion patterns to compute a per-triangle temporally adaptive reference shape and a stretch tensor based on it. We use this tensor to dynamically generate new wrinkle geometry on the coarse cloth mesh by taking advantage of the GPU tessellation unit. Our algorithm produces plausible fine wrinkles on real-world data sets at real-time frame rates, and is suitable for the current generation of consoles and PC graphics cards.


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