Steve Wolfman's Tenure and Promotion Packets

  • How I Wrote My Tenure/Promotion Packets
  • Some thoughts about priorities and time management (originally from the SIGCSE 2016 New Educators Workshop)
  • Tenure packet, CV
  • Tenure packet, portfolio
  • Full Professor of Teaching (PoT) packet
  • Addendum: Invited Talks

    One question that comes up regularly in events focused on promotion for educational leadership stream faculty is how to give invited talks. Invited talks (panels, workshops, or the like) are a great way to demonstrate your broader impact. They also give you a great chance to network, share your contributions, and learn more about others. They make a strong piece of your promotion case to your equivalent of "full professor" and don't hurt at your first promotion either.

    So, how do you arrange to give invited talks? Do you just get so great that people are inviting you all the time? Maybe. Sometimes.

    When that doesn't work, invite people to invite you!

    Going to a conference somewhere where you have a nearby colleague? Say "I'll be in the area around this time, would you be interested in me speaking about X, Y, or Z?"

    Use your network. You can end up with a great set of invited talks that contribute to your broader professional community, your own professional development, and your bona fides in your promotion packet.