Research opportunities

Updated September 2018

Please note that due to the volume of email, I may not reply to requests for information. Former graduate students and postdocs are now at universities and companies throughout the world, including ETH Zurich, Simon Fraser University, UC Berkeley, Google, Apple, Disney, and Electronic Arts, as well as founding or cofounding their own startups.

Post Doctoral Fellowships
Successful applicants will have an exceptional track record in physics-based simulation of human movement, robotics, or modeling of human and animal motion. These positions are dependent on current funding opportunities. If you are interested in a Post Doctoral Fellowshiop, please contact me with a link to your webpage or CV.

Ph.D., Ph.D. track M.Sc., and M.Sc.
The graduate program in the Dept of Computer Science has a highly competitive admissions process. If you are currently completing your degree, you excel in math and computer science, and have a passion for topics that span some subset of deep reinforcement learning, robotics, animation and graphics, control, and machine learning, then I encourage you to apply to our graduate program.

We now offer a PhD-track M.Sc. admission for exceptional incoming students. The UBC Department of Computer Science is also offering Merit Awards, in the amount of $10,000 each to outstanding incoming students (Canadian and international) in several areas, including computer animation and human simulation. These competitive awards are aimed at exceptional applicants. The awards will be given on top of a guaranteed full package of financial support, which the department offers to all of its graduate students. All students applying to the MSc and PhD programs will be automatically considered.

For more information, please visit our prospective student page. All M.Sc. and Ph.D. applications proceed via the department's graduate admissions process. I cannot promise to reply to individual queries due to their volume.

Directed Studies
If you are currently an undergraduate at UBC with an interest in a subset of motion control, robotics, reinforcement learning, and machine learning, it may be possible to arrange a direct studies topics course with me. Please come see me in person for more details.