Michiel van de Panne Supervision (updated September 2018)

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Name Degree Thesis
Glen Berseth Ph.D. in progress
Zhaoming Xie Ph.D. in progress
Hung Yu Lin M.Sc./Ph.D. in progress
Farzad Abdolhosseini M.Sc./Ph.D. in progress


Name Degree Thesis or Project on to ...
Dr. Libin Liu Postdoc various Disney Research; Chief Scientist at Deep Motion
Dr. Nicolas Bonneel Postdoc various postdoc INRIA Nancy (Bruno Levy)
Dr. Philippe Beaudoin Postdoc various Google; cofounder @ Element AI
Prof. Kangkang YinPostdoc various faculty, National University of Singapore; Simon Fraser University
Dr. Jason Harrison Postdoc various software
Dr. Fabrice Neyret Postdoc various CNRS senior researcher
Dr. Alexis Lamouret Postdoc various  
Dr. Eric Langenou Postdoc various  
Dr. Boris Dalstein Ph.D. Topological Modeling for Vector Graphics
Alain Fournier Ph.D. Dissertation Award award citation
startup: VGC
Dr. Shailen Agrawal Ph.D. Style Exploration and Generalization for Character Animation startup: Anomotion
Dr. Stelian Coros Ph.D. Real-Time Planning and Control for Simulated Bipedal Locomotion
Alain Fournier Ph.D. Dissertation Award award citation
Faculty, CMU; Faculty, ETH Zurich
Dr. Maciej KalisiakPh.D. Toward More Efficient Motion Planning with Differential Constraints Google
Prof. Kangkang YinPh.D. Data-Driven Kinematic and Dynamic Models for Character Animation faculty, National University of Singapore; faculty, Simon Fraser University
Prof. Hamish CarrPh.D. Topological Manipulation of Isosurfaces(cosup. with Jack Snoeyink) faculty, University of Leeds
Prof. Petros FaloutsosPh.D. Composable Controllers for Physics Based Character Animation faculty, UCLA; faculty, York University
Joe LaszloPh.D. (interactive control of physics-based animation) 
Xinyi Zhang M.Sc. Data driven auto-completion for keyframe animation
Xue Bin (Jason) Peng M.Sc. Developing locomotion skills with deep reinforcement learning
Governor General's Gold Medal
Ph.D. student, UC Berkeley
Jacob Chen M.Sc. Embodied perception during walking using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
Michael Firmin M.Sc. Design and integration of controllers for simulated characters
Daniel Troniak M.Sc. Real-time predictions from unlabeled high-dimensional sensory data during non-prehensile manipulation
Shuo Shen M.Sc. Design and Optimization of Control Primitives for Simulated Characters
Chuan Zhu M.Sc. Exploring Structured Predictions from Sensorimotor Data during Non-prehensile Manipulation using both Simulations and Robots
Jingxian Li M.Sc. Reinforcement Learning Using Sensorimotor Traces
Ernesto Torres-Vidal M.Sc. Modeling standing, walking and rolling skills for physics-based character animation
Kai Ding M.Sc. Learning reduced order linear feedback policies for motion skills Google
Li Li M.Sc. Essay A Reference Implementation for Planar Physics-based Biped Locomotion Using SIMBICON NVIDIA
William Chao M.Sc. Improvisational interfaces for visualization construction and scalar function sketching
Michael Welsman-Dinelle M.Sc. The animation canvas : a sketch-based visual language for motion editing
Suwen Wang M.Sc. Physics-based animation of primate locomotion
Ben Jones M.Sc. Rising Motion Controllers for Physically Simulated Characters Ph.D. at University of Utah
Andrej Karpathy M.Sc. Staged learning of agile motor skills Google intern; Ph.D. at Stanford
Roey FlorM.Sc. Template Based Sketch Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models Medical Imaging Software Developer
Steven ChangM.Sc. Semi-Automatic fitting of deformable 3D models to 2D sketches (cosup with Alla Sheffer) Industry -- Games
Kevin Loken M.Sc. Imitation-based Learning of Bipedal Walking Using Locally Weighted Learning Industry -- Games
Andrew AdamM.Sc. Planning dynamic vehicle motion using move trees Industry -- Games
Chen YangM.Sc. Sketch-based Modeling of Parameterized Objects Industry -- Software
Zhijin WangM.Sc. Design and Implementation of a Voice-Driven Animation System Orbital Technologies
Dan XiaoM.Sc. Sketch-based Instancing of Parameterized 3D ModelsIndustry -- Games
Dana SharonM.Sc. Synthesis of Stylized Walking Controllers for Planar BipedsIndustry -- Games
Ken AltonM.Sc. Shaping and Policy Search for Nearest-Neighbour Control Policies for Vehicle Steering Ph.D., Google
Peng ZhaoM.Sc. Animation Palette: An Interface for Prototyping Dynamic Aerial Motions Microsoft; Google
Matthew ThorneM.Sc. Motion Doodles: A Sketch-based Interface for Character Animation Industry -- Games
Daniel TaranovskyM.Sc. Guided Control of Intelligent Virtual Puppets ATI, Toronto (graphics hardware)
Cathy JansenM.Sc. (natural language interfaces for animation) Instructor, U of Toronto
Maciej KalisiakM.Sc. A Grasp-Based Motion Planning Algorithm for Intelligent Character Animation Ph.D.
Jimmy TalbotM.Sc. Accurate Characterization of Skin Deformations Using Range Data entrepreneur, software developer
Ivan NeulanderM.Sc. Rendering Generalized Cylinders Using the A-Buffer Film and VFX (Rhythm & Hues)
Nick TorkosM.Sc. Footprint-Based Quadruped Motion Synthesis Industry -- Games
Joe LaszloM.Sc. Limit Cycle Control of Dynamic Bipedal Locomotion Ph.D.
Petros FaloutsosM.Sc. Physics-based Animation and Control of Flexible Characters Ph.D.
Pedro HuangM.Sc. Planning for Dynamic Motions Using a Search Tree Film and VFX (Rhythm & Hues)
Xiaohuan WangM.Sc. An Adaptive Rendering and Display Model for Networked Applications Apple
Ryan KimM.Sc. Automatic Motion Synthesis Using Pose Controllers Industry -- Games