CPSC 590    Research Methods in Computer Science    September 2003

An introduction to methods used in computer science research. Topics include techniques and conventions in research methods, evaluation approaches, and presentation of results.

Lectures Mon 12:00 - 1:30 ANGU 215, Fri 1:30 - 3:00 MCML 160        Sept 12 - Dec 5, 2003
Prerequisites Enrollment as a CS graduate student or permission from the instructor
Grading Assignments (20%), Paper reviewing (20%), Research proposals (25%),
Presentations (20%), Class participation (15%)    assmt solutions and grades

Coordinator Michiel van de Panne office hrs: FSC 2616, by appointment
Instructors Kellogg Booth    Brian Fisher    Jason Harrison    Holger Hoos    Laks Lakshmanan    Alan Mackworth    Joanna McGrenere    Gail Murphy    David Poole    Michiel van de Panne    Alan Wagner      
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Jan 2, 2004

  • final grades have now been posted (see link associated with 'Grading')
  • graded "project proposals" and "priority queue" assmts can be picked up from my office
  • best wishes for the new year and with your future research !