CPSC 590: Research Presentation

You will be giving a presentation on the topic of your research proposal. This presentation should have both breadth and depth. In terms of breadth, it should give an overview of the area of the research proposal, motivate why it is important, and give an overview of unsolved problems and existing approaches to the problem. In terms of depth, some of the existing work in this area should be discussed in some detail. The talk should not describe details such as the budget for your proposed research project, but it should point to key open problems and possible lines of attack for these problems.

The presentation should be 20 minutes in length. You can assume that your audience is not a specialist in your area of computer science, but that they have the knowledge of a typical computer science graduate student. Your goal of the talk is to have the audience learn something about the area in question and for them to understand where your proposed research fits with respect to existing work in this area.

You can assume the availability of an LCD projector and laptop for the presentations, although you will be expected to mail the presentation to the laptop owner the day prior to your presentation.


Each presentation will be critiqued by your fellow colleagues and a faculty member.