C++ Roast

January 24, 2020

Tim Straubinger

The word is circulating. You hear your friends talk about itdd. You think others are doing it. Some people claim that they know how do it really well. But almost nobody is actually doing it. The remaining few are doing it really badly, and don't know how to do it safely. Yes, you've probably heard mention of C++ from time to time. But don't trust word of mouth. You're probably better off abstaining from attempting to practice safe C++. The Dark Side of C++ is hiding everywhere, waiting for the innocent programmer to slip up. Maybe the dangers will excite you. Perhaps the thought of dozens of interleaved orthogonal programming paradigms empowers you. But can you really trust the language that is too big for its own good? Come learn everything that you never wanted to know about pointers, templates, operator overloading, and remembering the null terminatorDAHH9u[]A\A]A^A_Ðf. 28936 Segmentation fault (core dumped)