UDLS Karaoke

November 9, 2018

Yasha Pushak, Vaden Masrani, Clement "The King" Fung, Matthew Chun, Siddhesh "Brown Sugar" Khandelwal, Alistair "John" Wick, Ahmed Elhamy Mostafa

In this special event, eight speakers dared to give eight different lightning UDLS talks about a variety of topics. The twist: They didn't see their slides - or even their topic - until the moment they appeared on the projector. Talks in this order:
  1. Yasha Pushak: Brewing Magic
    (slides by Elena-Iulia Dobre)
  2. Vaden Masrani: A Russian take on Transhumanism
    (slides by the Russian Transhumanist Movement/Valeria Stolz)
  3. Clement "The King" Fung: Negotiation Gambits
    (slides by Ahmed Elhamy Mostafa)
  4. Matthew Chun: Malaria. You know you want it!
    (slides by Nimrod Lehavi)
  5. Siddhesh "Brown Sugar" Khandelwal: The Cuban Missile Crisis
    (original slides by Padraic Dowdican, edited by Nico Ritschel)
  6. Alistair "John" Wick: Kuba Karpierz MSc Presentation
    (slides by Clement Fung)
  7. Ahmed Elhamy Mostafa: Viral Dance Moves
    (slides by Clement Fung)
  8. Matthew Chun & Clement Fung: Lucky Charms
    (slides by Nico Ritschel)