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There are no enforced prerequisites. Computer graphics and HCI (human-computer interaction) are very helpful but not required.


The course will start as with lecture by the professor on the core readings, and the last part of the class will be presentations by the students on additional readings.

Grades in the course will be determined by

There will be no final examination in this course, final project presentations will be in a 3-hour slot during exams (December 15).


Students should do the core readings before the lectures and participate in class discussions during both lectures and student presentations. At the beginning of the lecture, students must hand in a piece of paper with a set of 5 questions about the material being covered that day. These questions may be used during discussions.

Attendance in class is expected. If you must miss class you should send me email with an explanation. In this case, you may send your questions to me via email, but you will only be given credit if they arrive before the beginning of the lecture.

Half the participation grade is based on your contribution to the discussion, and half is on the questions you submit.


I will send you mail with detailed feedback on your work over the course of the term as it is completed. Your project grade will be based on the following criteria: Typically the grades will be based on a scale of the sort {great 100%, good 89%, ok 78%, poor 67%}, although the exact weighting may vary.
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