Project Pitches, 547-20: InfoVis

# Title Team Slides (PDF)
1 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Data Visualization Tool Analysis Cloris Feng Slides
2 Visualizing Supply Chain Structures Alex Trostanovsky Slides
3 GIT-EYE, Visualization of GitHub Repositories Namratha B Rao
4 Geographic-Financial Albina Gibadullina Slides (held until after project publication)
5 Visualize Linguistic Diversity in Vancouver Roger Yu-Hsiang Lo
6 Untitled Compiler Pass Visualization Paulette Koronkevich, Braxton Hall, Jonathan Chan
7 Literature Survey Assistant Siddhesh Khandelwal, Shih-Han Chou, Raghav Goyal Slides
8 A Vis Tool for BC CDC: Disease Outbreak Detection and Prediction Tae Yoon (Harry) Lee Slides
9 Visualizing the spread of antimicrobial resistance Ivan Gill
10 Visualizing Mobility and COVID-19 Lily Bryant, Frank Yu, James Yoo Slides
11 Building Energy Data: How do we consume energy on campus? Sanyogita Manu, Claude Demers-BĂ©langer
12 Visualizing Wildfire Data Roopal Singh Chabra
13 Firest Hannah Elbaggari, Preeti Vyas, Rubia Guerra Slides
14 Child tracing in Northern Uganda Jose Carvajal
15 Longitudinal Data Visualization for Molecular You Simran Rai
16 Visualizing Android App Similarity Michael Cao, Peiyu (Gabby) Xiong Slides
17 Basketball Statistics Visualization Nikhil Prakash and Ramya Rao Basava
18 Country vs Country -- An interactive country comparison tool Lucca Siaudzionis Slides
19 Bewilder: Handling Web Resource Complexity in Online Learning/Research Eric Easthope
20 Visualizing Eye-tracking data Alireza Iranpour Slides
21 CheckCheckmate - a chess game exploration tool Derek Tam
22 Enhanced Booking Visualization Nikola Cucuk Slides
23 British Columbia Labour Market Visualization Huancheng Yang Slides
24 Did we Save Our Tigers? Kattie Sepehri, Unma Desai Slides
25 FloodVizBD: Visualizing Impact of the 2020 Monsoon Flood in Bangladesh Anika Sayara Slides
26 Distribution Change of Languages Yi Ren
27 Smart Intersection Viz Nikhil Prakash

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