PolyCube Based Automatic Hex-Mesh Generation (UBC)

Alla Sheffer (Primary Investigator/Corresponding Author), James Gregson,Marco Livesu, Nicholas Vining, Riccardo Scateni & Eugene Zhang



While hexahedral mesh elements are preferred by a variety of simulation techniques, constructing quality all-hex meshes of general shapes remains a challenge. An attractive hex-meshing approach, often referred to as submapping, uses a low distortion mapping between the input model and a PolyCube (a solid formed from a union of cubes), to transfer a regular hex grid from the PolyCube to the input model. Unfortunately, the construction of suitable PolyCubes and corresponding volumetric maps for arbitrary shapes remains an open problem.

Our work introduces new methods for automatic computation of low-distortion PolyCubes for general shapes and for subsequent all-hex remeshing. For a given input model, our methods simultaneously generate an appropriate PolyCube structure and mapping between the input model and the PolyCube. From these we automatically generate good quality all-hex meshes of complex natural and man-made shapes.

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