By Mark Schmidt (2012)
Last updated 18 Nov 2013.


The prettyPlot function is a simple wrapper to Matlab's plot function for quickly making nicer-looking plots. The first version of the function was based on some tips given in this article, but my version of the function has evolved a lot since 2007 and I thought that others might find the current version useful. Here are the features:

Download and Examples

To use the code, download and unzip

Once this is done, type the following in Matlab:

>> cd prettyPlot           % Change to the unzipped directory
>> prettyPlot              % Shows the defaults options
>> example_prettyPlot      % Shows basic functionality, including placing markers at uneven points. 
>> example_prettyPlot2     % Shows using lines of different lenghts, repeating sequences of lineStyles/markers/colors, and having unspecified upper/lower limts. 
>> example_prettyPlot3     % Shows how to label lines. 
>> example_prettyPlot4     % Shows how to plot upper/lower error lines/surfaces. 
Typing the above commands will run demos showing how to access the various features available, and makes the plots below:





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