Yuan Yao 姚 远

Hi! I am a second-year Ph. D. student at University of British Columbia, working on Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. Welcome to my academic webpage!

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I entered into the world of Computer Graphics when I was just 3 years old by playing the game "Rayman". I also spent more than 10 years on Mathematics Olympiad and got many prizes. Therefore, Computer Science and Math are both my favorite subjects. Besides, I also love music, I can play guitar, piano, clarinet and sing. I wish I can finally bring techniques to the arts.

I got my bachelor degree in computer science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, during which I spent two months studying in University of California, Los Angeles and three months doing research in University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Besides, I also fortunately interned at Unity Technologies, Microsoft Research Asia and Megvii Research. You can check my CV for more details.

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My research interest lies on the intersection of Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. More specifically, I am now actively working on 3D Vision, Geometry Processing and Physics-based Simulation. Previously I worked on Computational Photography and Virtual Reality. I always have many interesting ideas in different topics, feel free to check out my works or reach out for collaboration(even just a discussion).

I am co-supervised by Prof. Alla Sheffer and Prof. Leonid Sigal, and also working closely with Prof. Helge Rhodin.

My research is founded by NSERC and Vector Institute.


Front2Back: Single View 3D Shape Reconstruction via Front to Back Prediction
Yuan Yao, Nico Schetler, Enrique Rosales, Helge Rhodin, Leonid Sigal, Alla Sheffer
CVPR 2020

An explicit single-view 3D reconstruction method by estimating back view 2.5D maps from front view.

Visual Attributes Transfer via Deep Image Analogy
Jing Liao, Yuan Yao, Lu Yuan, Gang Hua, Sing Bing Kang
paper | codes

A non-parametric algorithm for neural style transfer.

A Gestural Interface for Practicing Children's Spatial Skills
Yuan Yao, Po-Tsung Chiu, Wai-Tat Fu
IUI 2017 (poster)

A virtual gestural interface developed using Leap Motion.

Course Projects

Here are some course projects during my graduate study, I also did a lot of fun projects in my undergrad, check here.

Adaptive Feature-Preserving Remeshing
CPSC 524 - Computer Graphics: Modeling
report | code

An isotropic remeshing algorithm which allows adaptive edge length and preserve features. The codes were written based on libigl.

Music-Aligned Dance Sequence Generation
CPSC 532S - Multimodal Learning

We proposed a two-step music-aligned dance sequence generation method.

FEM-based Cloth Simulation
MATH 607E - Numerical Method for Differential Equation

Corotational Finite Element Method based Cloth Simulation using Linearly-Implicit time integration.

3D Face Reconstruction from Single-View Portrait
CPSC 532M - Machine Learning

A simple 3D face reconstruction method from single view image. We use the parametrized model "FLAME" and minimize the distance between 2D landmarks and projected 3D landmarks.


Here are a few other open source codes I wrote during learning/researching.

GPU version PatchMatch code

1D Multigrid Solver code

Min Max Modular SVM code

Web crawler based on Python and Phantom.js code

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