Fluid Simulation for Computer Animation

Robert Bridson
Matthias Müller-Fischer


A large part of this course was extended with a lot of new material into a book, Fluid Simulation for Computer Graphics, available from A K Peters.

SIGGRAPH 2007 Course Notes

You can download the current version of the course notes here: fluids_notes.pdf.

SIGGRAPH 2007 Presentations

The basics of fluids: BasicFluids.ppt.
Real-time fluids: GameFluids2007.pdf.
Combating dissipation: CompatingDissipation.ppt.
More accurate pressure solves: PressureSolve.ppt.

Movie comparing advection of a square pulse with particles (black), first-order semi-Lagrangian (red), and BFECC (blue): advection_test.mov.

Example Code

A simple but fairly general and robust implementation of Conjugate Gradient with Modified Incomplete Cholesky (level zero) preconditioning, useful for solving the pressure equations: pcgsolver.tar.gz. (This is released into the public domain)

Older Versions

You can also browse the page from 2006: Fluid Simulation course from SIGGRAPH 2006.