There is no required text book for this course. However, if you do want a good reference you may be interested in Scientific Computing: An Introductory Survey by Michael Heath; a few copies will be available at the book store.


I will be asking you to find and read several papers throughout the term to get a feel for the literature or to see some applications of scientific computing.

Note: I generally will not provide the papers in class or as links on this page; instead it is up to you to find them. The web is now a wonderful resource for finding papers. Preprints of many papers can be found on the authors' websites---use a search engine like Google (or now Google Scholar) to find these. Other journals to which UBC subscribes can be found by their search page; often you will find that recent articles were published electronically and UBC has a subscription that lets you read them online (though if you are home, you will need to use the proxy server).

Please find the following articles and read them: