Where possible, I have tried to find sources that are freely available. Some of them are only free using a university computer (e.g. using the VPN). Some of these are just names that you can google for. (For these Google seems to give a good coverage). Some are more specific (when Google doesn't seem to find good resources).

Some suggested topics for your esisting research assignment.

Your February assignment will need to cover a very specific research topic. Your page will need to refer to at least two research papers (by disjoint sets of authors) and explain how one of the papers is an advance on the other. This should be a different pair that one presented in class. Here is a random selection of papers:


Much of the basics is covered in

Journals and Conferences

The major journals and conferences related to this course are:


Philosophy and Practice of Science

There are lot of books about science, pseudoscience and non-science --- this is very relevant to the course as science is one of the best-developed mechanisms for discovering what is true in the world. See, e.g., The Scientific Method Made Easy.

Probabilistic Relational Models

Decision-theoretic Planning and Reinforcement Learning


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