Ben Marlin. Current position: Computer Science Professor at University of Massachusetts.

Jo-Anne Ting. Current position: Researcher at Bosch.

Julia Vogel. Current position: Director Sales & Marketing at LiberoVision AG.



Graduate Students and Theses

Masrour Zoghi. Masters thesis: Regret bounds for Gaussian process bandits without observation noise. Current position: PhD student at University of Amsterdam.

Jing Fang. Masters thesis: Herded Gibbs sampling. Current position: Software engineer at Facebook.

Misha Denil. Masters thesis: Recklessly approximate sparse coding. Current position: PhD student at UBC.

Ziyu Wang. Masters thesis: Predictive adaptation of hybrid Monte Carlo with bandits. Current position: PhD student at UBC.

John Chia. Masters thesis: Non-linear contextual bandits.

Byron Knoll. Masters thesis: A machine learning perspective on predictive coding using PAQ8 and new applications. Current position: Software engineer at Google.

Nimalan Mahendran. Masters thesis: Bayesian Optimization for Adaptive MCMC. Current position: Computer systems analyst at Twitter.

Eric Brochu PhD Thesis: Interactive Bayesian Optimization: : Learning user preferences for graphics and animation. Masters thesis: Milq. Current position: Senior Developer and Machine Learning Researcher at PocketPixels.

Hendrik Kueck. Masters thesis: Bayesian formulations of multiple instance learning with applications to general object recognition. Current position: Founder and "boss" at PocketPixels.

Kevin Swersky. Masters thesis: Inductive principles for learning Restricted Boltzmann Machines. Current position: PhD student at University of Toronto.

Bo Chen. Masters thesis: Deep learning of invariant spatio-temporal features from video. Current position: PhD student at Caltech.

Peter Carbonetto Masters thesis: Unsupervised statistical models for general object recognition. PhD thesis: New probabilistic inference algorithms that harness the strengths of variational and Monte Carlo methods. Current position: Postdoc at U. of Chicago.

Firas Hamze. PhD thesis: Monte Carlo integration in discrete undirected probabilistic models. Current position: Researcher at D-Wave Systems.

Mike Vlad Cora. Masters thesis: Model-based active learning in hierarchical policies. Current position: Lead Gameplay Programmer at United Front Games.

Ruben Martinez Cantin PhD thesis: Active Map Learning for Robots: Insights into Statistical Consistency. Current position: Associate Professor at Centro Universitario de la Defensa, Zaragoza, Spain.

Maryam Mahdaviani. Masters thesis: Semi-supervised and active training of conditional random fields for activity recognition. Current position: CEO at Optemo.

Mingyue Tan. Masters thesis: Comparative study of Kernel based classification and feature selection methods with gene expression data. Current position: Program Manager at Microsoft.

Asher Lipson. Masters thesis: Empirically evaluating multiagent reinforcement learning algorithms in repeated games. Current position: Head: Quantitative Research at Standard Bank, South Africa.

Jean-Noel Rivasseau. Masters thesis: From the jungle to the garden : growing trees for Markov chain Monte Carlo inference in undirected graphical models. Current position: Entrepreneur at shoopz.

Mike Klaas. Masters thesis: Exorcising N2 stigmata in Sequential Monte Carlo. Current position: CTO of Zite, acquired by CNN.

Dustin Lang. Masters thesis: Fast methods for inference in graphical models and beat tracking the graphical model way. Current position: Postdoc at CMU.

Yizheng Cai. Masters thesis: Robust visual tracking for multiple targets. Current position: Software Engineer at Microsoft.

Scott Helmer. Masters thesis: Object recognition with many local features. Current position:

Ruben Morales Menendez. Current position: Full Professor at ITESM.

Kejie Bao. Masters thesis: On-line EM and quasi-Bayes: How I learned to stop worrying and love stochastic approximation. Current position: Software Engineer at Yahoo.