Python resources

The programming language of the course is Python. The previous link takes you to Enthought, who have put together a nice installation package. Make sure you become familiar with Numpy and Matplotlib as soon as possible. We will also use the package Theano for deep learning.

  • Excellent Python tutorial by Guido van Rossum. Read this first.
  • IDLE tutorial
  • Another IDLE tutorial
  • Download the free academic version of enthought python
  • Python's website
  • A video lecture about matplotlib
  • PyBrain - Neural networks and machine learning package
  • Stephen Marsland book and python code
  • NLTK - natural language processing package
  • Orange - data mining package
  • Elefant - machine learning package
  • Networkx - graph plotting package
  • Cython and Cython demos
  • 10 - Python one liners to impress your friends
  • Scrapy - Screen scraping and web crawling framework, used to crawl websites and extract structured data from web pages.
  • Pattern - Web mining module
  • blog - Python dictionary implementation
  • Useful Links :