Python resources

Python tutorial by Guido van Rossum

IDLE tutorial

Another IDLE tutorial

Download the free academic version of enthought python

Python's website

A video lecture about matplotlib

Stephen Marsland book and python code

NLTK - natural language processing package

Orange - data mining package

Elefant - machine learning package

Networkx - graph plotting package


Cython demos

Python handouts

Handout 1: Webpages for python introduction


  • The machine learning book of Hastie, Tibshirani and Friedman is now online: The elements of statistical learning.
  • Chapters 14,15 and 20 of the artificial intelligence book Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig is strongly recommended reading for this course. I'll provide partial photocopies of chapters 14 and 15 in class. Chapter 20 is available online.
  • This AIspace page at UBC has lots of videos and applets about inference in directed probabilistic graphical models (aka Bayesian networks or belief networks).
  • For graphical models and Beta-Bernoulli models, I recommend A Tutorial on Learning with Bayesian Networks David Heckerman.
  • Kevin Murphy has compiled a nice page about Bayesian learning.
  • Wikipedia tutorial on the: SVD
  • The following handout should help you with linear algebra revision: PDF
  • The homework should be handed in on Wednesday at the beginning of the class. Please note that messy homeworks will be penalized - it is your responsibility to ensure that the material is presented in a clear written form. All pseudocode must be handed in. Please don't forget to add your name and student number.