Matlab Resources: Tutorials and Beyond

Introductions to Matlab

Tutorial Sessions at UBC:

These tutorials will discuss why we use Matlab for coursework (and not Java, C, C++, Fortran, Perl, Python, Maple, Mathematica, etc...), how to get started, and where to find resources for further exploration. They are aimed at students who have not previously used Matlab.



From the Mathworks: These resources are from the company that develops and distributes Matlab.

Other Free Sources: These sources were found using either Google or Matlab Central (see below). While the tutorials cover the basics of working with Matlab, many refer to much older versions of Matlab: The current version on the UBC CPSC machines is 7.14 (R2012a), and these tutorials often refer to earlier versions (as early as 5.3). The basic command methods have not changed, but the newer versions have lots of graphical interfaces to make learning easier.

Other Sources: These ones will cost you some money. I have not personally tried any of them, so I do not endorse or make any representation about their suitability to your needs.

Additional Matlab Resources

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