Karon MacLean

finding me

You can find me in UBC's Department of Computer Science, near the Imager Lab; on the 6th floor of the new ICICS-CS2 building, in room X641.

By Cab: Give these directions to a cab driver:

On your own (bus/bike/car): Find this building within UBC using: [UBC map] [Google map *best] - I suggest printing out at least one, or having it on your phone.
Note that plotting the actual building address (2366 Main Mall) delivers you to distant entrance on Main Mall.

Get to the office: Enter building at the Agronomy/Engineering Rd corner, and proceed ~N to the elevator in the middle of the building (there is another further N).Take the elevator, or any stairway, to the 6th floor and go to office x641.

K's office phone: 604-822-8169