Robot Soccer
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Alan Mackworth and his group proposed and built the world’s first soccer-playing robots, which led to the development of robot soccer as the premier global platform for multi-agent robotic research through the International RoboCup Foundation, where he has been honoured as "The Founding Father". The idea was first mentioned in a paper titled On Seeing Robots, presented at VI-92, 1992 and later published in a book Computer Vision: System, Theory, and Applications, World Scientific Press, Singapore, 1993. Robot soccer as a challenge problem has great scientific significance. It has now become a standard test environment for cross-testing research ideas: a forum for evolving theories of multi-agent systems. Through regular international RoboCup tournaments many research teams of students and professors compete and cooperate in the development, testing and evolution of new theories and new algorithms.


Dynamos and Dynamites : The World's First Soccer Playing Robots



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