Open positions


We are always looking for motivated and talented students. For graduate student positions, it is essential that you meet the department deadline, which is December 15th. You will only then be considered as a potential candidate. Also, contacting me in advance will not likely make any difference, as long as you list me as a potential supervisor. Please see the department website before anything if you intend to apply for graduate school.


As our group only recently transferred, we are not hiring postdocs at the moment. However, please check back in a couple months! We will potentially have openings!


We typically admit one Ph.D. student per year. All motivated students are encouraged to apply. Strong mathematical foundation in Linear Algebra is essential, preferably with knowledge on Multiple View Geometry. Having some knowledge on optimization is also a plus. You must have had prior exposure to research/projects relevant to Computer Vision, and we also expect that you have experience with deep learning libraries such as PyTorch and TensorFlow, thus having prior exposure to Deep Learning. Having a publication in relevant domains is also a great plus, but not necessarily required.

Thesis Masters

Master positions are more focused on short-term projects as they typically last no longer than two years. We expect you to be proficient in Python, and could learn how to use deep learning tools in one term. The following projects are of potential interest (with no guarantee).

Undergraduate Research Projects (UBC Students Only)

We are also looking for talented Undergraduate students who want to taste what it’s like to do research. If you are interested, please contact me (Kwang) any time. Ideally, we would want to try to get you on board with the undergraduate student research awards program, or an Honours project, but we also take in students outside of these options if they are exceptional.

We currently don’t have a specific project in place, but feel free to contact me if you are interested.

X-ray image is in the public domain.