CPSC 532A: Final Projects Workshop
Monday, December 12, 2005
Dempster Pavillion, Rm. 201


2 PM: Foundations and Game Theory

Agents: Different Meanings to Different People                                              Chris Elliott
Compact Game Representations & Computing Nash Equilibria                       Suang Hao,
                                                                                                                             Lin Xu
Signaling Games                                                                                      Farhad Ghassemi
Cheap Talk and Authoritative Figures in Empirical Experiments                     Alfred Pang
Irrationality in Game Theory                                                                             Yamin Htun
Finite Automata to Represent Bounded Rationality                                     Ryan Golbeck

Coffee Break

3:30 Social Choice and Mechanism Design

NP-Hard Manipulations of Voting Schemes                                               Elizabeth Cross
Price of Anarchy                                                                                Mohammad Ali Safari
Selfish Routing in Computer Networks                                                       Sebastian Streg
Grid Processor Scheduling based on GT Approach                            Sara Forghanizadeh
Mobile Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks                                                                 Stanley Chiu
Incentive Mechanisms for Peer to Peer Systems                                       Gitika Aggarwal,
                                                                                                                     Sharath George
Contribution in the Open Source Community                                             Disha Al Baqui

Coffee Break

5:15 Combinatorial Auctions and Trading Agents

Can Agents Be Collaborative? CAs for Collaborative Planning                     Kenji Okuma
An Introduction to Iterative Combinatorial Auctions                            Baharak Rastegari
Analyzing the Procurement Process in a TAC SCM Game                          Hosna Jabbari
An Analysis of RedAgent’s Market-based Approach                                   Erik Zawadzki
Collusive Approaches to TAC SCM Customer Auctions                         David Thompson


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