A Platform for Multiagent Learning in Repeated Games


  • Matlab (implemented on v7.0.1 (R14) Service Pack 1)
  • Gamut (see below)
  • Gambit (see below)


    Platform download
    The software is available for download as a zipped file.

    External software download

  • GAMUT (link)
    Tested on version 1.0.1
    The .jar file needs to be put into the malt/extProgs/ directory
  • Gambit (link)
    Tested on version
    View the README.txt file for installation details

    Configuration files download
    Put these into the malt/storedFiles/ConfigFiles/ directory to be visible:
  • Main thesis file - 24 March 2005 (file)
  • Game size trend test from thesis - 2 June 2005 (file)
  • Algorithm settings from thesis, without any games selected (file)


    Any comments/suggestions/problems, please email alipson[at]cs.ubc.ca