Jesse Bingham, Ph.D.

Welcome to my web page, which I designed myself using skills I picked up during a 1996 co-op job (joking aside, UVic has a great co-op program). All opinions on this page are that of the author, and are hence universally true.

I work for Intel, where I'm a member of the grandiosely titled: "Formal Verification Center of Expertise". Our mandate is to promote, enable, and support Formal Verification (FV) throughout the company. Many of these activities would undeniably be deemed unsexy from the perspective of the broader academic community, yet we march forth. This page serves to document the more research-oriented (and publicly sharable) work I've done, both at Intel and during my graduate studies at UBC Department of Computer Science. Here is a complete list of my publications; what follows is a summary of a selection of them. Please email me if you want to discuss any of these topics further, my email is, with the two spelling mistakes corrected.