Hedayat (Heddy) Zarkoob

I am a PhD student in computer science at the University of British Columbia (UBC) under supervisions of Prof. Kevin Leyton-Brown. I am interested in using cutting-edge AI tools to improve peer evaluation and grading systems. I am also generally interested in Algorithm Game Theory, Mechanism Design, and Theory of Computer Science. I am affiliated with the Laboratory for Computational Intelligence (LCI) and the Algorithms Lab.

Before joining UBC, I received my M.Sc. in computer science under the supervision of Prof. Andrei Bulatov at Simon Fraser University.


- I am very lucky to be one of the AAAI 2021's Workflow Chairs.
- You can watch my talk at AAMAS 2020 about incentivizing accurate grading in peer grading systems from here.


I am leading a project on redesigning and re-implementing a partially automated web-based peer grading system called Mechanical TA (MTA). The key difference from other peer-grading systems is that MTA uses TAs to perform selective spot-checks and thus incentivizes high-quality grading. Here is a link to an early version of the application.
- You can check the details of my new participation application here.

Publications and Preprints

Report-sensitive spot-checking in peer grading systems - 2020
AAMAS 2020 (This article supersedes an AAMAS 2019 extended abstract with the same title)
H. Zarkoob , H. Fu, K. Leyton-Brown
[pdf] [talk]

Smarter Parking: Using AI to Identify Parking Inefficiencies in Vancouver - 2019
D. Graham , S. K. Sarraf, T. Lundy, A. MohammadMehr, S. Uppal, T. Y. Lee, H. Zarkoob, S. D. Kominers, K. Leyton-Brown

Optimizing one-way car sharing systems (Masters thesis) - 2015
SFU Library