Welcome to my music website. I created this website for people to help find and identify songs to play.

I actually have all of the CDs and songs listed in my database.

A few notes about the organization of the site:
- Names are sorted by the artist's first name, not the last (i.e.: Michael Jackson is under 'M')
- Many special characters have been removed (Beyoncé is Beyonce, Tiësto is Tiesto)
- There are many typos and errors -- especially in the CapitAliZation in song names
- The year and genre data is currently a bit of a mess, but I'm working on it

NOTE: UBC Computer Science has blocked the 20 second song samples.
The song samples were too much of a load on their web server.
Eventually, I will move this database to my new home (uWaterloo) but it's a low priority task on a long todo list.
I am sorry for any inconvenience.

I hope you have fun browsing around and listening to some music samples.

-- Dave Tompkins.

Please note that this is an educational and recreational website, not a commercial website:
- I do not sell music
- I do not download music
- I do not distribute my music