3rd Workshop on Affective and Attitude User Modeling

Assessing and Adapting to User Attitudes and Affect:
Why, When and How?

in conjunction with User Modeling 2003  

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
June 22, 2003

Background and Motivation
Focus Questions
Accepted Papers and Posters
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All contributions will be made available on the Workshop Web site and published as part of an informal Annex to the main UM03 conference proceeding
Focus Questions

To assure focused interaction, the workshop will specifically address the following four questions

1: Taxonomy of Circumstances Requiring Affective and Attitude User Modeling
Can we begin to develop a taxonomy of circumstances under which affective/attitude user modeling is critical or useful, and  identify a mapping between this taxonomy and the most appropriate level of modeling resolution?

2: Existing methods of Constructing Affective/Attitude User Models
What are the available means of constructing user affective/attitude models and what is the state of the art in applying these   means to accurately identify user's affective states, attitudes, personality traits and associated behavioral patterns?

3: Validation and Evaluation
What are the best means of evaluating the effectiveness of an affective/attitude user model?

4: Guidelines for model use
What are the possible ways of using an affective/attitude user model, and how can we map these uses onto the taxonomy of situations where affect/attitude modeling is important ?