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  • Email - bjanzen at
  • Phone - 604-345-4263
  • Lab - ICCS x635

About Me

I'm a first year doctoral student in the department of computer science at UBC. I work under the supervision of Joanna McGrenere in the Multimodal User eXperience (MUX) lab. I continually find myself fascinated by the fundamental abilities, languages and experiences of people, as well as the complex interplay in how they are communicated and disseminated. I view one of HCI's primary goals as being able to communicate complex concepts in intuitive and effective ways and I'm applying this approach to notification personalization and customization. I also work in human factors research, attempting to understand the limitations and nuances of the human sensorimotor system for large display interaction. Prior to entering graduate school, I've worked in industry as a web designer and automation specialist for two years, primarily at Blackberry. Aside from research, I work as a teaching assistant for graphics and human computer interaction.

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