Operating Systems Design and Implementation

~~ University of British Columbia | 2021-W2 ~~

Dr. Reto Achermann

Assistants: Bingyao "Jerry" Wang

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Course staff will setup git repositories that the students will use to work on the project. The use of other repositories, especially public hosting (e.g., GitHub) is not permitted.

Deadline: 23:59:59 on the day according to the schedule.

Prepare your submission

  • Clean up the codebase: formatting, comments, etc.
  • Make sure the code compiles and passes your tests
  • Create the milestone chapter in the report and write down your design choices / notes on 1-2 pages.
  • git commit && git push
  • Note down your commit hash, this is your submission identifier


To make a submission fill out the submission form

  • First two individual milestones: one submission per student.
  • Otherwise: one submission per group
You will be asked to provide some brief feedback on the milestone, like how much effort was needed to complete the task, what could be improved, ...


Each student is asked to submit the following short Questionnaire.